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Guyana’s potential to become among the top economies in the world has been sealed by the successful oil and gas explorations in the country and the strong government support to make the most of this opportunity for the whole nation to grow. Investments are coming and business hubs will flourish throughout the country.

Among the businesses that are expected to be set up in the country are oil and gas refineries, manufacturing, food and beverages, petrochemical, among others. These sectors require reliable instrumentation equipment for pressure, flow, temperature, liquid levels, density, viscosity, ionising radiation, frequency, current, voltage, inductance, capacitance, resistivity, chemical composition and properties, position, vibration, and weight  – and this is what Excel Guyana can provide.

Through its Procurement Division, Excel guarantees that it can provide state-of-the-art and innovative instrumentation equipment with excellent precision and performance. It can provide a wide selection of products from leading manufacturers and the needed data to determine the equipment’s quality. Excel will also help its clients determine the best equipment for their operation, ensure that products are delivered on time or as needed, and comply with all the documentary requirements. To top these all, it can also provide reliable after-sales support for its clients.

With its in-house experts, Excel will sit down with clients and discuss their requirements. In the process, it will provide recommendations and suggestions that would ensure that the clients get the best value for their money.

With a broad inventory of supplies and direct shipping from factories, Excel has built a reliable and sustainable supply chain solution to keep industries productive and profitable. Excel’s clients can look forward to bringing down acquisition costs with a professional end-to-end supply chain management and streamlined customs brokerage service. 

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